cinque minuti di gazzarra – theatre show

cinque minuti di gazzarra – theatre show 15.04.2019 | 15.04.2019


15 April 2019 at 9 pm – free entrance 

Written and directed by Evandro Fornasier and Daniele Gaglianone.
Actors: Pietro Casella, Francesco Lattarulo, Claudio Zanotto Contino.

Three actors on stage torn by the desire to escape their duty as performers and the need to bring their characters to life, as they play them in a mental journey, through a space where past and present coexist on the same time level. The actors resist, succumb. They rebel, at times they seem to get lost, only to suddenly find themselves again, with great strength, in a constant shifting of family stories that resurface from the apparent nothingness; from a void filled with secrets and things left unspoken and yet still alive, a void filled with silence and tales from a distant past.

This event has been specifically created for the Grand Tour Contemporaneo, a program of exhibitions and events devoted to Italian Contemporary Art and promoted by the Comitato Fondazioni Arte Contemporanea.