Mario Merz in Foundation

In the first instance, the Foundation’s objective is to house the collection of works by Mario Merz, an artistic legacy of priceless historical value, with the aims of conserving it, safeguarding it, and making it accessible and understandable to an ever-increasing public
The exhibition programme envisages an articulated path that alternates monographic shows devoted to the artist – of a research nature and linked to specific subjects – with projects devoted to other artists on the contemporary creative panorama.
In every exhibition works by Mario Merz specifically selected to accompany the exhibition programme of the invited artist are shown. The dialogue between the works and between the artists is one of the fundamental planning bases of the Foundation.
In this way the public interested in studying, or merely curious to know Merz’s works better, can build up a long and complete repertoire.
The works are placed in all the spaces, both internal and external; they dialogue with the structure, giving back an immediate sensation of finding oneself in a real “landscape” and respecting the artist’s poetics. The house is a relationship between space and time. Time is a creator and destroyer of space. Space is not autonomous and static. Space is controlled by time (Mario Merz).
Furthermore, to follow the extraordinary modus vivendi of Mario Merz, the Foundation does not think of its space as a “closed” structure, but rather as a place that encourages exchange between various Institutions and that gives visitors the opportunity for admiring on each different occasion a variety of different works that come from external collections too.