Merz Archive

The archive collects the documentation relative to the works of Mario Merz for their publication in the catalogue raisonné.

To insert works in the archive the following must be sent:
– a colour photograph of the work in three copies on paper (minimum dimensions 18 x 24 cm);

– an eventual colour photograph of the work in one copy of the back if writing or signatures or labels of galleries are present;  CD in high res scan of 300 dpi;

– a fact sheet of the work with title, dimensions, eventual presence of signature and/or date, indication of exhibitions it has been in, bibliography, provenance, etc.
The archive goes ahead with recording only those works that, according to the opinion and artistic and scientific criteria of the Scientific Committee, it believes most relevant to being published in the catalogue raisonné.
The archive reserves the right to ask to see the work and to postpone its decision about recording it to the first meeting of the Scientific Committee, which generally meets twice a year.

Phone: +39.011.19719437
Fax: +39.011.19719805

Mario Merz: Catalogue Raisonné Volume One: The Igloos.

We are also glad to announce that we’ve completed the research work preceding the publication of the first volume of the catalogue raisonné of Mario Merz’s body of work. entirely devoted to the IGLOO works.
It will be published and edited by Fondazione Merz with the support of its Scientific Committee, whose members are Beatrice Merz, Richard Flood, Frances Morris and Vicente Todolì, and the Merz Archive’s members Mariano Boggia and Luisa Borio.
Art historian and researcher Maddalena Disch has carried out the catalogue research and curated the entries.
The publication, consisting of about 600 pages with 400 images, features an introductory text by the Scientific Committee and a critical essay by Maddalena Disch. All works are presented with technical descriptions, historical and bibliographical references, as well as detailed bibliographic references and an exhaustive photographic selection. The volume comprises an anthology of the artist’s writings and excerpts of interviews regarding the works featured in the publication.
We are still asking anyone who has not yet been contacted and possesses any photographic record or unpublished texts, research or correspondence with the artist, to contact us at:

This last request is to sustain and confirm all work carried out thus far and to continue the research work that will lead to the publications of more volumes of our catalogue raisonné devoted to Mario Merz’s oeuvre.