Fondazione Merz

Transparent Administration

With the patronage of the  Piedmont Region and the City of Turin.

Statutes Fondazione Mario Merz

Contributions 2023

Contribution of Euro 72,000 from the Piedmont Region with resolution no. 377/A2003C/2023 – 16.11.2023 to support the organisation of exhibitions and multidisciplinary activities for the year 2023

Contribution of Euro 50,000 from the Compagnia di San Paolo with Prot. 2023.AAI1085.U1345 pratica n. 2023.0788 resolution of 04.07.2023 to support the exhibition activities for the year 2023.

Contribution of € 23,00 from the Fondazione CRT Prot. 2023.AI532.U702 of 27.07.2023 to support the exhibition “Khalil Rabah. Through the Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind”.

Contribution of Euro 4,232.08 from MiC, Ministry of Culture – Directorate General for Libraries and Copyright, with D.D.G. no. 614 of 22.08.2023 for the purchase of books. Support for book publishing 2023.