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Founded in the 1990s and then fully incorporated into the Fondazione the Archivio Merz (Merz Archive) has, as its main purpose, that of collecting, ordering and storing any existing documentation relating to Marisa and Mario Merz, and to make it available to those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the two artists, in compliance with precise indications aimed at protecting the figure and artistic expression of the two artists.

The archive also works on compiling the general catalogue of the two artists’s work, and on the publication of their respective catalogues raisonnés: we would like to thank anyone who may wish to contribute to the collection of material useful for defining the artists by sending documents, correspondence, images or testimonies. As far as Mario Merz is concerned, we are pleased to announce that the first volume of his catalogue, dedicated to the igloos and founded on the exhaustive research conducted by art historian Maddalena Disch, is about to be published through the auspices of the Scientific Committee and presses of the Fondazione Merz.

In order to make the respective catalogues as comprehensive as possible, the archive is available to evaluate the registration of works not yet catalogued, and to provide adequate certification of registration in the archive also of works already catalogued. It is pointed out that the archive exclusively undertakes the registration of works which, according to the unquestionable evaluation of the Scientific Committee, it considers most relevant for the purposes of defining the catalogue raisonné; it also reserves the right to request the work for viewing, and to postpone an opinion on the registration request to the first useful meeting of the Scientific Committee.

Anyone interested in submitting one or more registration requests, can find the indications to follow HERE

For admission to the archive for consultation, which takes place by appointment, you are asked to share your research project; students, undergraduates and doctoral students are also required to submit a letter of introduction from their supervisor.


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