Fondazione Merz


La Scuola in Fondazione, La Fondazione a Scuola

Through the Scuola in Fondazione, La Fondazione a Scuola (‘School in the Fondazione, the Fondazione in Schools’) project, the Fondazione Merz’s Educational Department offers its support in the didactic activities of the local territory’s schools, providing teachers with resources, skills and opportunities to organised educational processes on the image and workshop practices shaped to the specific requirements of each school and adopting a multidisciplinary approach.


La Scuola adotta un monumento

The Fondazione Merz is among the monuments involved in the national “La Scuola adotta un monumento” (‘Schools adopt a monument’) project, promoted for the City of Turin by ITER.  The project connects citizens with the city’s heritage, enabling a school to “adopt” a cultural asset. By establishing a long-lasting relationship with the teachers acting as contacts, the Educational Department of the Fondazione Merz undertakes activities to support the schools’ own programmes with a continuous presence, proposing methods and practices that tie in with the educational courses adopted in the classroom, with a particular focus on interdisciplinarity. The collaboration involves a cycle of three school years; at the end of each year, the students become the protagonists of an event open to the public in the Fondazione, illustrating the progress made and sharing the results of the experience acquired. Since the 2016/2017 school year, the Educational Department has accompanied the pupils of a primary and junior high school of the Istituto Comprensivo Rita Levi – Montalcini.



University students can enrich their personal curricular paths with a variety of educational activities, exploring and scrutinising the theoretical and practical contents of the project displayed from time to time in the Fondazione’s spaces. The workshops are always conducted in collaboration with the artists themselves to offer young students a tool for direct contact with reflections deriving from the international scene. The memory of these experiences can be read in relation to the interventions of Matthew Barney, Kara Walker, Masbedo, Botto & Bruno and Fatma Bucak.



With the cycle of Ipertesi (‘Hypertensive’) conferences hosted in the spaces of the Fondazione Merz, undergraduates and recent graduates undertaking research in areas of art history or significant aspects of contemporary expressive languages, publicly present the process underlying their degree theses. In the company of their thesis supervisors, they can offer their reflections, insights and the outcomes of their studies and research projects to a heterogeneous public.


Guided tours in Chinese

For the increasingly numerous students from China, specific guided tours in Chinese offer the opportunity to explore, learn about and analyse the contents of exhibitions and the specific aspects of the individual works on display.


The Fondazione Merz offers the opportunity to gain experience with curricular internships to students of universities and academies and graduates enrolled in Masters’, specialisation courses and research doctorates interested in the activities of the Educational Department.

The internship project, agreed with the student and the relevant supervisor, provides for the student working in and supporting the activities organised by the Department, participating in the running of workshops, meetings, activities and the management of visits and educational tours. To apply and/or receive further information, you are invited to send an email to the following address


Una Domenica lunghissima (A very long Sunday)

This is the project that the Educational Department offers families, proposing an activity that allows children and adults to explore contemporary art in a fun and creative way. On the occasion of the various temporary exhibitions, a cycle of events lasting two hours each is organised in the spaces of the Fondazione. These are suitable for all families with children of at least 4 years of age. It is possible to take part in just one meeting or in the whole cycle. Each event offers an opportunity to explore the founding elements of the language of images and the systems of their interaction through the presentation of the current exhibition and a practical workshop experience that ties in with it.


Special Birthday Workshop

A gift idea to dedicate to children in kindergarten and primary schools to celebrate their birthday together with their classmates in a special way. The idea consists of a two-hour workshop which takes place at school, providing children with the means to experiment with different techniques together and play with creativity.