Fondazione Merz


7 sere per 7 registe_a women’s film festival

“7 sere per 7 registe” (7 evenings for 7 female directors), a women’s film festival, is organised by Associazione Comala together with Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Fondazione Merz.


The activity is part of the project called  “The things we have in common”, coordinated by Associazione Comala and financed by the city of Turin.

Directors: Céline Sciamma, Sofia Coppola, Jane Campion, Susanna Nicchiarelli, Andrea Arnold, Chloè Zhao e Chantal Akerman. They have been chosen together with some contemporary Italian authors who will in turn show their works: Elsi Perino, Ilaria Ciavattini, Flavia Montini and the screenwriter Anita Otto, Cristina Monti, Stefania Bona, Francesca Frigo and Donatella Di Cicco

Programme of screenings at Fondazione Merz:

Friday 3 March 9 p.m. Fondazione Merz, Via Limone 24, Turin
“Miss Marx” by Susanna Nicchiarelli (Italy/Belgium 2020, 107’)
The film recounts the life of Eleanor, Karl Marx’s youngest daughter. The portrait that emerges is that of a determined and intelligent woman, a passionate feminist activist and socialist. However, her life was strongly conditioned by her relationship with her fellow activist Edward Aveling.

Monday 13 March 9 pm Fondazione Merz, Via Limone 24, Turin
“Gente dei bagni” by Stefania Bona and Francesca Scalisi (Italy 2015, 59’)
A red brick building with a large neon sign: ‘bagni’ (public baths). These are the last public municipal baths in Turin to provide this service to citizens. It offers a microcosm of stories
that intersect at the moment of one of the most intimate aspects of everyone’s life: the cleanliness of one’s own body. A meeting place for social categories that were once very distinct, today
united by the same need. A place of contrasts in which poverty sometimes takes the
form of anger. A precious place, because where poverty manifests itself so sharing and listening become the principles for a new rebirth.

Friday 24 March 21.00 Fondazione Merz, Via Limone 24, Turin
“Ventisette” by Donatella Di Cicco (Italy 2021, 82’)
In the intimacy of a family, the film recounts a pregnancy that is interrupted at twenty-seven weeks. In the sixth month, Anna Mia is born prematurely, as a result of pre-eclampsia: she weighs just 740 grams. She is hospitalised for three months in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Sant’Anna University Clinic in Turin (NICU). Three very long months of little progress, measured in grams, step by step.