Fondazione Merz


Palermo Mon Amour


pages: 160
format: 14,5 x 21 cm
date of publication: September 2023
images: 109 col. and b/w
binding: hardback
language: Italian
isbn 9788877573025

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This is the exhibition’s catalogue curated by Valentina Greco at the Merz Foundation in collaboration with the Letizia Battaglia International Photography Center and the Enzo Sellerio archive. The book returns the history of Palermo from the 1950s to 1992 in a story in images. A story that has the rhythm similar to a visual walk through the research and intuitions of five photographers, five gazes, who have investigated the poetic imagery of Palermo with different feelings, recounting a city in continuous explosion, and not always recomposed in its complexity. Object of a gentle, playful, cultured, anti-rhetorical vision, which is also very acute testimony of the social scene of the fifties and sixties, full of stratified situations of misery and degradation but awaiting a possible civil and economic rebirth, Palermo undergoes the further assault of the 1970s, of the daily events of ferocious news, until 1992, the year in which it seemed, once again, that everything could change. Through the photographs of Enzo Sellerio, Letizia Battaglia, Franco Zecchin, Fabio Sgroi, Lia Pasqualino we understand a new visual code, the sequences of their photographs amplify our feelings and add notions to those we have acquired of what it is necessary to see to position oneself in the world.