Fondazione Merz

Circular Economy and Art

The Circular Economy and Art – PREVIEW 2019 project derives from a vision that considers the circular economy to be an essential resource for society and for the planet.

Circular Thought becomes the pivot for a new movement of opinion-forming and a model for the life of the future, which includes science, art and everyday life.

The project with which the city of Turin has established its candidacy for “Turin Capital of the Circular Economy – Circular Art 2020” has drawn in the most authoritative representatives of the international economic and scientific world through a series of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and installations.

The Fondazione participated in Preview 2019 – Circular Economy and Art, proposing two installations by the artist Nunzio (Cagnano Amiterno, L’Aquila 1954), Untitled (2004) and Untitled (2005).

Among the most significant voices in the process of reworking the language of sculpture, Nunzio’s work makes repeated use of pure, essential forms, archetypes of the dialogue between man and the environment, bearers of a discourse on time and unfolding future that is entrusted to their rigorous physicality and the matter that embodies them.

The decision to place one of the works in the public space of the Chiribiri garden adjacent to the Fondazione, signals the commitment made to take up the requests and needs that this public space expresses, becoming an opportunity to activate a fruitful dialogue between the residents, the City and the Fondazione which will also be developed through a Collaborative Agreement in the manner set out in the regulations of the Urban Public Property of the City of Turin.