Fondazione Merz


Festival delle Colline Torinesi – MM&M Movies, Monstrosities and Masks

with and by Renato Cuocolo e Roberta Bosetti
direction Renato Cuocolo


National premiere

production Cuocolo/Bosetti IRAA Theatre, Teatro di Dioniso
in collaboration with Il Funaro Pistoia, Festival delle Colline Torinesi


Fondazione Merz, Torino
Monday 1, Wednesday 3, Thursday 4 June, 2015 at 7.30 pm


Along with our parents, the stories of others (movies, television, books, pictures) raised us, socialized us, entertained us, comforted us, deceived us, disciplined us, told us what we could do and told us what we couldn’t. And they played a key role in turning each of us into not one person but many persons; a pastiche of all the good or bad people that came to us through what we have read, seen and heard. We have a theater in the head.


MM&M is an exploration on the identity and the artificial nature of autobiographies. Starting from autobiographical elements, it faces the ambiguous relationship between actor/person/character and reality/fiction.
We have an autobiography of ourselves as viewers. Movies are a piece of life of each viewer. And the closing credits mark, with the lights coming back in the hall, the end of a fragment of existence experienced while watching the screen. In our autobiography as spectators, cinema represents a new dimension of experience. A place where the fantastic becomes plausible, or rather ordinary. A place that changes our perception of reality and of ourselves: the conscious and unconscious the dreams and the memories. Cuocolo/Bosetti