Fondazione Merz


Festival delle Colline Torinesi

20-21-22 October 2021 | Motus / Silvia Calderoni, Chroma Keys


28-29 October 2021 | Virgilio Sieni. La dimora del volto


3-4 November 2021 | OHT / Filippo Andreatta, Rompere il ghiaccio


7-8 November 2021 | Will Guthrie / Mette Ingvartsen, All around


12-13-14 November 2021 | Rabih Mrquè / Lina Majdalanie, Sunny Sunday

La Fondazione continues its collaboration with the Festival delle Colline Torinesi and hosts 5 theatrical performances:

20 October at 9pm | 21-22 October at 7pm | Motus / Silvia Calderoni, Chroma Keys
A performance dedicated to cinema (that uses a Green Screen and its special effects like the inlay) vacillating between a “world to come” and a “world to come without a world”. There are a lot of quotations from movies concerning “disappearing”, “going ahead”, “leaving” and “discovering”.

28 October at 9pm | 29 October at 7pm | Virgilio Sieni. La dimora del volto
The Tuscan artist constructs his new creation within the perimeter of the Marisa and Mario Merz exhibition, entering into dialogue with the works.
Produced by Fondazione Merz and Festival delle Colline Torinesi

3 November at 7pm and 9 pm | 4 November at 7pm | OHT / Filippo Andreatta, Rompere il ghiaccio
The connection between landscape and human condition. An alpine glacier which is melting and the stories told by people who live in the neighbourhood, changing geographical and social border. A production conceived as a performance that, at the end, becomes an exhibition audience can visit. Yodel, stars maps, Elsa and Enrico’s words, the couple separated by a fascist internment.

7 November at 7pm | 8 November at 9pm | Will Guthrie / Mette Ingvartsen, All around
A fusion of forms: a music concert with dance. A drum kit and the bodies. Rhythm and growing speed drive towards a trance-like intensity. The audience is «all around» and it encircles the performers and so they share all together this experience.

12-13 November at 7pm | 14 November at 5pm | Rabih Mroué / Lina Majdalanie, Sunny Sunday
This performance was born thanks to some Polish artists from the Warsaw Performing Arts Institute and it deals with a strange wedding which has gathered the living with the dead, fiction with reality, politics with fairy- tale. The production tackles the case of political shifts in Poland, evoking also post-war world and looking at the contemporary political governance.


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