Fondazione Merz


FIKA di luglio: LA CORPA with Maria Mallol

7 July 2023 at 3.30 pm 


a collective workshop with the musician Maria Mallol

LA CORPA was born from a desire for relationship and alliance between people who work in different but close realities, both geographically and ideologically. Driven by the intention to collaborate, addressing sensitive and contemporary topics on the plurality of the body (corpo), or rather in the corpa.

This reflection builds and advances with a constant relation to culture, art, politics, from a transfeminist, ‘decolonial’, ecological, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical and non-competitive perspective. LA CORPA stems from the desire and urgency to open up a space for reflection, experimentation and enjoyment, arising from the experience already under way of the COLLANT_project workshop for migrant women (2021-22).

In the afternoon of 7 July, musician Maria Mallol will lead a collective practice: a specific look at the history of music through the musical figure of people who identify with the female or neutral gender, exploring the use of percussion and voice in a group, trying to create a harmonic conversation that can bring comfort, a sense of belonging and care.

Maria Mallol Moya is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Colombia and resident between the UK and Italy. Illustrator, performer and musician, her work is a search for the threads between nature and the human, between the divine and the earthly and the female figure as a connection between these dimensions, using art in its different forms as a mediator. Currently active with the music projects Natura Morta (solo project), Rhabdomantic Orchestra, Lame, Conjunto Medialuna, Gianni Giubilena Rosacroce.

The workshop is open to all people who identify with the feminine and/or neuter gender and to people who identify with the masculine gender, who recognise themselves as sensitive and attentive to the issues proposed.

The activity is part of the “Le cose che abbiamo in comune” project (The things we have in common), coordinated by Associazione Comala and financed by the city of Turin (on Axis 6 – measure TO6.2.1.a REACT TO COVID).

The project aims to develop community cultural garrisons along the axis running from Piazza Benefica (Cit Turin) to the Fondazione Merz and the Chiribiri Gardens (San Paolo) via the former La Marmora barracks in Corso Ferrucci (the junction point between the two neighbourhoods), with a broad, continuous and heterogeneous programme of events and cultural appointments.