Fondazione Merz


International Holocaust Remembrance Day_CALM / Istruzioni per disattivare l’allarme

CALM / Instructions for deactivating the alarm, curated by Giulia Turconi, is the set of events that the Fondazione Merz is proposing on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Thursday 26 and Friday 27 January 2023

The program:


at 7pm: book launch on the topic of migration and racial discrimination

at 9pm: screening of the film The song of names (2019) by François Girard, 115 min.
A child befriends a Polish violin prodigy whose parents leave him in his family’s care. The two boys become like brothers until the musician disappears. Forty years later, he gets his first clue as to what happened to his childhood best friend.



at 6pm:in conversation with Sara Lemlem (DOTZ Media) and Ivana Nikolić
Sara and Ivana, on the occasion of Remembrance Day, discuss the importance of remembering the holocaust involving the Romani people, an issue often forgotten or considered secondary. There is a growing need to address and discuss the issue of the Roma people in Italy, a subject full of prejudice and discrimination.

Sara Lemlem is a journalist and video-maker. She is one of the five founders of DOTZ, an Italian media company that proposes itself as an alternative to the lack of diversity in newsrooms and the discriminatory language that journalists in Italy and Europe use to talk about racialised people. Trying to defeat the system according to which nowadays doing journalism has become a privilege, the editorial staff of DOTZ is a mix of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds different from the people working in most European editorial offices.

Ivana Nikolić is an Italian Roma rights activist and artist. During the 2020 pandemic, she created the podcast + Rom – Rum on the main streaming platforms with the aim of promoting Romani culture, raising awareness about news events and racism that is still extremely present. Intellectuals, writers, artists, feminists, activists from the Roma and non-Roma community are hosted on this platform.

at 7.30pm: Dance-theatre performance by Ivana Nikolić