Fondazione Merz


Guided tours of the Michal Rovner exhibition

28-29 January 2023 at 4pm


Free guided tours of Michal Rovner’s exhibition “Alert”, by the Education Department

On the occasion of the last weekend of Michal Rovner’s exhibition Alert, the Department is offering free guided tours


INFO: 011 19719792


With Alert, the artist transforms the Fondazione’s space into a portal to another dimension, creating an immersive experience both indoors and outdoors, with a site-specific installation.
The works reverberate an unfamiliar dimension, a sense of fear and alertness, primal powers, and the night within us.

In response to the refugees and displacement crisis, Rovner spent nights in dark fields, looking for an encounter with jackals, the others, the hidden.

And it happened that one night a female jackal allowed itself to be observed: “she looked at me. She looked at the right and left, was very alert. And then she ran away. And then she came back and ran away and came back and ran away. When I put my hands to the camera, she ran away completely and then when I sat quietly, she came back again. And then she lied down.”

Rovner is constructing a non-palpable space, enhanced by the powerful iconographic legacy, for the jackal is also Anubis, the canis aureus, the mythological god who accompanies the souls to the afterlife, the gatekeeper between life and death. The artist reflects on the possibility of a profound relation with what we are led to fear and push away.