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“Il suono di un’isola”, screening and concert_ZACentrale [music]

Cinema and live music


9 April 2022 from 5.30pm to 9pm


Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo – free admission

Saturday 9 April, the complex of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa turns into a resonant chamber for “The Sound of an Island “, a vibrant experience of cinema and live music.

The journey begins at 5.30 pm. in the ZACentrale unique space, with the the screening of a specially edited cut of “Il suono di un’isola” (The Sound of an Island), a film at the crossroads of documentary and video-art: in the wake of the collapse of our civilisation and the climate catastrophe, a woman migrates from Sicily to a habitable planet. With her she brings sounds and memories, collected on the edge of the collapse by musicians from her homeland.

From 6.30 pm these same sounds and memories will land from the film screen to the live experience. Like in a ritual, the audience is thus invited to join a live musical itinerary through the many spaces of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa including ZAC, Goethe Institut, Tavola Tonda, Spazio Franco, Istituto Gramsci and N.O.Z.

Live across the spaces of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, we will be captivated by the elemental force of the Ladatùra di Marianopoli chorus, Ornella Cerniglia’s piano, the traditional protest songs of rural Sicily performed by Clara Salvo with Matilde Politi, Farouk Mo’s anti-colonial rap, Sergio Beercock’s exploration between song and performance, and finally we will take part in “Albedo 1-2”, a new musical rite in the unique acoustics of ZACentrale, specially composed by Gianni Gebbia with Nicola Mogavero, Vito Amato and Valerio Mirone from WADI, blending their contemporary sonorities with the sacred qualities of Ladatùra hymns.

“Il suono di un’isola” is a collaborative project focused on questioning the notions of tradition(s), heritage, kinship, and the interrelation between what’s indigenous and what is seen as alien, the bonds between humans and their environment, history and our present, culture and landscape. An open research expressed through various media including film, audio recordings, music, installation and documentary actions.

For this event, a specially made cut will be screened of the film “Il suono di un’isola” (The Sound of an Island) by Uliano P. Balestrini, Gianluca Cangemi and Fabio Parente, featuring the acting of Chiara Muscato and the young Eva Rossa, along with music by Cesare Basile e i Caminanti, VacuaMoenia, Gianni Gebbia, Giovanni Di Giandomenico, Sergio Beercock, Marco Betta, Fratelli Mancuso, Aladin Ilou, the bagpipe players from Monreale Salvatore and Emanuele Modica, Benedetto Miceli, Michele Sidoti and Antonio Badagliacca, the late bagpipe maker Giuseppe Flores, Maria Violenza, Ornella Cerniglia, Farouk Mo, The Mayfield with Heiner Goebbels, Giacomo Cuticchio Ensemble, the WADI musicians, Alessandro Librio, Clara Salvo, Uzeda, Luciano Troja.