Fondazione Merz

Isolitudine_A choral project in four solo shows_ZACentrale

the four shows: Guido Casaretto curated by Agata Polizzi – Rä Di Martino curated by Laura Barreca – Petra Feriancová curated by Valentina Bruschi – Voluspa Jarpa curated by Beatrice Merz


23 September 2022 – 26 February 2023, ZACentrale, Palermo – EXTENDED TO 16 APRIL 2023


as part of BAM – Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo

Fondazione Merz presents, as part of the ZACentrale project and for the 3rd edition of BAM – Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo entitled INSATURO, the exhibition project ISOLITUDINE.

In this present time marked by the re-emergence of historic, cultural and political issues – clearly never fully resolved – Fondazione Merz’s third edition of BAM Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo will tackle themes of insularity, contact and borders, dialogue and possibility.

Four shows by four artists, curated by as many female curators, are conceived as parts of a whole with distinctive traits, where the distinctions between a solo show and group show will be openly debated. The exhibition project will be hosted in the large space of the ZAC pavilion and will consist of four completely different and open habitats. Through a subtle dialogue on the theme of belonging, they will weave an ideal thread which will intersect art with politics, nature and geography