Fondazione Merz

Lawrence Weiner. Inclined enough to roll

30 October 2009 – 10 January 2010


a site-specific project by conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner


curated by Beatrice Merz.

The American artist has chosen to relate to the premises of the Fondazione and to Mario Merz’s work through 3 large-scale works which will be set up both inside and outside the Fondazione.

The project is based on the building’s history, developing from its industrial architecture, which is of great historical value for the city, from the days of its original use as a power plant to produce energy for the Lancia car manufacturers to its present-day conversion into an industrial structure containing artworks.
Moreover, there are here, as in most of the artist’s works, subtle traces of the particular morphology and geography of his host city. In Weiner’s words to present the exhibition: I have an idea for a simple frieze that in fact sets the tone of the relationship between my work and Mario’s work. It puts the 3 sides of the building into a perfect perspective without taking away what I think is a beautiful building standing in the landscape.

Weiner places his writings in three different places, inside the Fondazione’s exhibition space and around it, and specifically on the main wall of the exhibition room, on the front frieze and on the circles situated on the bottom of the outside basin. Each phrase strongly relates to the surrounding environment, each one complementing the other to create altogether a single concept.