Fondazione Merz


Leiðarvísir, concert_Wadi

27 May at 9pm at Fondazione Merz


free admission


This is the link to listen to the tracks: 

The WADI musicians invite the public to a shared journey, in which musical identities are transformed through interaction with the different spaces of the Fondazione, offering new possibilities for enjoyment, thought and relationships.

Leiðarvísir is the debut album by Wadi, musical project, promoted and supported by the Fondazione Merz in collaboration with hopefulmonster editore and Almendra Music

As in a journey that is as much material as it is interior, the sound material of the musics experienced from stage to stage is transformed, progressively and ritually, with all the sounds of WADI, instruments of the Euro-Western tradition but also the guzheng, the ancient mother instrument of Chinese, Korean and Japanese lutes.


Clarinet: Emanuele Anzalone
Saxophones: Nicola Mogavero
Percussion: Vito Amato
Harp: Roberta Casella
Mandolin: Mauro Schembri
Guzheng and voice: Valerio Mirone
Viola: Alessandro Librio
Cello: Paolo Pellegrino


The concert is supported by the “bando Promozione progetti discografici dal vivo di NuovoImaie”.

In collaboration with Almendra and Moger. A special thank to Salvi.

The Wadi project was born in 2018, on the initiative and with the support of the Fondazione Merz in Palermo, to connect the best Sicilian talents with the looks and sound visions of the contemporary scene. The Arabic word “Wadi” indicates the bed of a torrent with an irregular hydrogeological structure, whose fertile land is a promise of rich cultivation, civilisation and exchange.