Fondazione Merz

Marisa Merz. Disegnare disegnare ridisegnare il pensiero immagine che cammina

16 May 2012 –6 January 2013


Very quickly one can concentrate for a very long time. In these long periods you discover things about your nervous system, and then you end up beyond time! And finally you’re happy. I succeeded in doing that, momentarily. It was like the load-bearing framework of life. Marisa Merz

The display has been specifically conceived for the Fondazione Merz exhibition spaces, showcasing a large and varied number of works that range from historical pieces, dating back to the second half of the 1960s, to more recent ones, some of which are shown for the first time. All of them will be installed under the artist’s keen and meticulous supervision to ultimately convey her intimate and visionary personal poetics.

The exhibit does not mean to build a story nor does it define a thematic or chronological layout. It rather aims at presenting the artist’s modus operandi: how her works are conceived and then related through always new and unpredictable connections or associations of meaning to build a creative universe that embraces and involves visitors.

In this delicate yet energetic selection, the series reveals unusual forms, sizes and elements; drawings that follow on from each other in a series hold a dialogue with works woven together with copper wire, forming dumb musical scores on the walls; the essential nature of the unfired clay or bronze sculptures combines with the complexity of the large faces created through a superimposition of signs and materials. The exhibition reveals a soul constantly seeking to give form to thought, stirred by the incessant emergence of new questions.

The exhibit is part of a broader project that sees the collaboration of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, where the first exhibition Marisa Merz – non corrisponde eppur fiorisce was held in the summer of 2011.