Fondazione Merz

Marzia Migliora. Voce del verbo avere

8 September 2018 – 4 November 2018


Palermo – ex Monte dei Pegni S. Rosalia, Palazzo Branciforte, Fondazione Sicilia


Part of the Punte brillanti di lance programme

The exhibition, curated by Valentina Bruschi and Beatrice Merz, is part of Punte brillanti di lance (literally ‘brilliant lance tips’), a programme of exhibitions and events launched in 2017 by the Fondazione Merz for the City of Palermo.

The project of Marzia Migliora starts with the strong suggestions raised by the former Monte dei Pegni (pawn shop) itself, creating a link with the present starting from the historical memory of the place, to stimulate a political and social reflection on the current condition of humankind. Also called Monte dei Panni, the Monte di Pietà consists of an intricate maze of rooms with full-height wooden structures, composed of shelving where the pawned goods used to be stored. For about two centuries, people in need deposited dowries, trousseaux and personal items in exchange for a few coins, hoping eventually to come back and redeem them.

Voce del verbo avere is the ideal continuation of the Marzia Migliora’s personal exhibition entitled Velme, organised in 2017 by the Fondazione Merz at Ca’ Rezzonico in Venice. The La fabbrica illuminata installation, originally created by the artist for the Velme exhibition, will be part of the exhibition in the ex-Monte dei Pegni in Palermo, accompanied by three new works, conceived specifically for the exhibition space.