Fondazione Merz

Nella natura come nella mente_Mario Merz, Ignazio Mortellaro, Costas Varotsos a Segesta

Mario Merz  Ignazio Mortellaro,  Costas Varotsos  


14 April – 6 November 2022, SEGESTA | Parco archeologico (TP)


curated by Beatrice Merz and Agata Polizzi

Organised for the Segesta Archaeological Park – Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity by MondoMostre and in collaboration with the Fondazione Merz, the exhibition is a journey in stages, a search for a common narrative between artists of different forms of expression.

In the Agora, Mario Merz’s cobalt blue neon spiral [Un segno nel Foro di Cesare, 2003] is a graphic representation of the research of Fibonacci, the medieval mathematician who identified the growth process of life in the series of numbers.

Ignazio Mortellaro’s site-specific work [Primo punto dell’ariete] stands in the Antiquarium area and looks out over the valley from there: From its self-supporting Corten steel tower, an archaic sound radiates, created by a cast brass ram’s horn (placed at the top of the tower), recalling a ritual instrument of awakening and rebirth, speaking to the community and to nature, crossing the valley, breaking on the mountains or getting lost in the sea and also recalling the Jewish shofar, a ritual object of the communities that have always been present on the island.

To the right of the temple is the work of Athenian sculptor Costas Varotsos [Spiral 1991-98], a baroque curl which, in the purity and dialogue of its materials (the iron framework and the glass core) and in its transparency, finds an energetic force of great impact, the synthesis of a reflection on the human condition and its ancestral relationship with the Universe.