Fondazione Merz

Pedro Cabrita Reis – Mario Merz

30 May – 31 August 2008


The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Kunsthaus of Graz

Created expressly for the spaces of the Fondazione Merz, the project by Pedro Cabrita Reis illustrates another chapter in the exploration of a micro-cosmos of primordial materials: True Gardens.

Cabrita Reis’s new installation will stand in the large ground-floor space of the Foundation. It is based on dialogue, on project coherence, and on the sharing of the space with the paintings and sculptures by Mario Merz that will be chosen specifically in order to create an “architectural ensemble”.

True Gardens (2008) is a labyrinth of light and glass, supported by blocks of wood: harmony and contrast produce a sort of dynamic geometry. Industrially manufactured materials – neon tubes, sheets of glass, modules of unworked wood, metres of electric cables – are all visible signs of the transforming capacity of the work process in space, a vast building site where mental and physical effort help reveal an inner meaning and mystery. With his performing installation, Cabrita Reis emanates a silence, through the intensity of light, that generates a poetic dimension capable of transforming the space into a place of contemplation and melancholic communion.