Fondazione Merz




from 7 September 2020


Rosa Barba | Sophie Calle | Katharina Grosse | Shilpa Gupta | Mona Hatoum | Jenny Holzer | Emily Jacir | Bouchra Khalili | Barbara Kruger | Cinthia Marcelle | Shirin Neshat | Maria Papadimitriou | Pamela Rosenkranz | Chiharu Shiota | Fiona Tan | Carrie Mae Weems | Sue Williamson


curated by Claudia Gioia and Beatrice Merz

The title PUSH THE LIMITS immediately declares the determination to investigate the ability of art constantly to set itself at the edge, to shift the axis of thought, perception and discourse, introducing new elements into the system.

Without forcing, without finalism and with no superfluous elements that are not those of the thinking and creativity of contemporary art itself, PUSH THE LIMITS illustrates a process of striving to find a language that is aware and capable of shedding light on the present.

The exhibition layout entirely fills the spaces of the Fondazione and is structured as a continuous discourse; a pressing of tears, overlaps, questions, of realities already known and which seem outdated but which instead return, of unknown realities that it would be good to penetrate, and of incommunicable realities which demand new words.

Large installations contribute to the definition of an exhibition layout able to give the visitor a totally immersive sense experience, with a variety of moods, sounds, words, textures and colours. From the political to the symbolic dimension, from philosophical to poetic inspiration: a layout that visually summarises the expressive urgency of our time and that invites the visitor to define his own trajectory in this continuous landscape.

Bearing witness to this petition, typical of contemporary art, are some of the most representative female voices on the international artistic scene, who with their work have explored – in different ways and always forging links to the context of belonging – the idea of ​​limit and the very concept of overcoming. In their creative practice, these artists have overcome the stereotyped vocabulary of knowledge, pushing the meanings further.