Fondazione Merz


Agreement between Palermo City Council and Fondazione Merz for #ZACentrale

#ZACentrale 2021 – 2023


Palermo City Council has signed an agreement entrusting the Fondazione Merz with the management of the ZAC – Zisa Zona Arti Contemporanee for three years, with the task of implementing an innovative interdisciplinary project.

The #ZACentrale project will take place over three years at the ZAC space and will be divided into a series of interdisciplinary activities to include: exhibitions, concerts, theatre and dance performances, training activities at various levels; meetings, debates, conferences to be held also in partnership with the other institutions of the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, as well as documentary interventions, creative incubator actions and the creation of a specialised library dedicated to contemporary art.

The aim of #ZACentrale is to transform the ZAC into a power house and, at the same time, into a station from which journeys can take off that are both departures and returns, welcome and impetus.

The project crowns a history of intense relations between the Fondazione Merz and Sicily. As many as 17 exhibitions, events and projects involved the Fondazione in Palermo and Sicily between 2014 and 2019.