Fondazione Merz

Botto&Bruno. Society, you’re a crazy breed

9 March – 19 June 2016


curated by Beatrice Merz e Maria Centonze

Society, you’re a crazy breed is a new project by Turin-based artists Botto&Bruno.

Conceived as one large installation that responds to the exhibition space, the work focuses on the Fondazione’s symbolic value as an abandoned industrial building converted into a cultural venue.
The exhibit – starting with its title, taken from Eddie Vedder’s song “Society” from the “Into the Wild” soundtrack – is a cry to reflect upon the future of our society and its contemporary madness, which tends to reset memory to create a present without history, a present that is built on ruins. To quote Marc Augé: “Future history will no longer produce ruins. It does not have the time for them”.

Upon entering the exhibition space the viewer is enclosed within a photographic landscape almost completely covering the gallery’s walls and floor: a dense pattern of images, printed withenvironmentally friendly inks and representing generic suburban sceneries from around the world. They are Botto&Bruno’s urban outskirts, in which there is an accumulation of cultural decline of the human spirit: the price man has paid for the transition from the archaic agricultural civilizations to today’s supposed “affluent society”. Within this deteriorating scenery the artists have identified some pauses, or places for reflection.

They consist of three structures, a silo, a wall, and a movie theatre, which have been conceived as a “relief for the soul.”