Fondazione Merz


Talk_A SUD project by Artissima

5 November at 5.30 pm, Artissima, Book Center


Spekaers: Guido Costa (President of the board Paul Thorel Foundation Napoli), rnella Laneri (President of Fondazione Oelle Mediterraneo Antico), Beatrice Merz (President of Fondazione Merz Torino, Palermo), Carmelo Nicosia (Diretctor ofFondazione Oelle Mediterraneo Antico)

The project A SUD is based on Artissima’s intention to highlight the activities of art foundations and institutions from the southern and island regions of Italy, reinforcing the focus on the Mediterranean as a place of artistic growth and an incubator of new creative perspectives.

Over the last few years, the Italian art scene has been enriched by a number of institutions and foundations whose activities are rooted in the southern areas of the country, producing projects and exhibition events marked by novel narratives pivoting on original interpretations of the relationship between places, cultural history and innovation, to the point of determining a new geography of the interaction between centre and periphery. Making room for this burgeoning institutional presence, the project A SUD delves into the historic cultural specificities of Artissima in terms of intercultural research, interpreting changes in progress around the Mediterranean from a southern perspective, to develop new outlooks and new forms of artistic and social awareness.