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part of the projectLa Bella Stagione,  organised by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo


11 and 18 May ore 16.30

The Education Department of the Fondazione Merz for the project La Bella Stagione, an initiative of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, proposes a series of workshop activities dedicated to the theme of the body as a means of exploring the reality that surrounds us.
Each meeting will investigate a specific part of the body through a variety of contemporary artistic languages such as drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. The workshops are aimed at families and aim to introduce children and adults to contemporary art in an enjoyable and creative way.
The workshops will take place from 4.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday 11 May and Wednesday 18 May.

The activity is free for participants thanks to the collaboration with the Abbonamento Musei Association. To book: or call the ticket office on 011 1971 9437.