Fondazione Merz


It’s not me, it’s you, a project by Cripta747

8 October 2022 – at 6 pm


curated by Mattia Capelletti


with Eimear Walshe, Pedro Oliveira and Salim Bayri

Cripta747 is pleased to preset you to It’s not me, it’s you, output of the broader research project which has awarded curator Mattia Capelletti with a scholarship made available by Cripta747 Residency Programme 2021.

«Who is it?» «It’s me!». Whenever we answer this way to a request for identification, we rely on the power of the voice and of its timbre to communicate our singularity. Yet, the processes of identification articulated around the voice and activated by it are far from unequivocal, but complex and mutable.

“Every human being wishes to receive from another the narration of their own story,” writes Adriana Cavarero. Identifying in the other means re-cognizing ourselves in their voice, which “tells us” something about ourselves. But what happens when we are dispossessed of our own voice, by those who claim to represent us? The current listening and voice-recognition technologies are increasingly becoming instruments of control, whose logic is based on racial and gender prejudices: we are told, instead of telling our own stories.

It’s not me, it’s you is the narration of the self by way of other voices, amplified by art and music; it’s the repossession of our own discourse through technology. The artists, by subverting the function of the current listening instruments to expose their criticalities, or by entrusting their voice to the other to tell their own story, help us rethink many of the clichés associated with the human voice, unhinge ingrained binarisms, and displace the alleged identity between self and voice.

It’s not me, it’s you is an event by Cripta747, curated by Mattia Capelletti, and is part of The Listeners project, winner of the City of Turin’s call for proposals “Live performance activities in the suburbs“. Realized with the support of the City of Turin, Ministry of Culture, Fondazione CRT, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Goethe Institut, with the patronage of the University of Palermo. Radio partner Radio Banda Larga.

Info and tickets: Cripta747