Fondazione Merz


It’s pink o’clock_Incontri illuminanti con l’Arte Contemporanea

a series of workshop part of the public program of Luci d’Artista


Curated by Education Department

The Education Department, on the occasion of Incontri Illuminanti con l’Arte Contemporanea, the public program of Luci d’Artista, renews its collaboration with the Istituto Comprensivo King – Mila and proposes to primary and secondary school classes, parents and teachers a series of workshops inspired by the work My noon (Il mio mezzogiorno) by Tobias Rehberger located in the school courtyard.

A project by Città di Torino, in collaboration with Fondazione Torino Musei, Circoscrizioni 2, 3, 4, 6 and the Education Departments of GAM – Galleria Civica Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, PAV – Parco Arte Vivente – Centro sperimentale d’arte contemporanea, Fondazione Merz and Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.