Fondazione Merz

Meteorite in giardino

Established in 2008, Meteorite in giardino (‘Meteorite in the garden’) is an exhibition of art, music, dance and theatre that takes place in the outdoor space of the Fondazione, and more precisely in the “tanks”, an unusual space that used to contain the fuel tanks for the Lancia factory’s power station and which more than any other feature recalls the past function of the building.

The title of the event, Meteorite in giardino, is inspired by a work by Mario Merz from 1976.

The different editions have seen the alternation of many types of event: theatrical, musical and performative events, always accompanied by installations of visual art.

The idea of ​​this review arose from the desire to create a contact, a communications network between the Fondazione and artistic voices in the most diverse disciplines, creating an ongoing dialogue between theatre, dance, literature and science. Every year, through a network of collaborations, artists and operators who in various capacities work in the fields of knowledge and art, a dialogue is activated around the theme chosen for that year. Around it, the invited artists work on a specific project or choose one of their works, giving input to a dialogue between the various disciplines and thereby creating a sort of unique language, understandable to a very wide public, and which responds to the precise desire to follow a particular line of communication through a fascinating and fulfilling use of knowledge.