Fondazione Merz


Outdoor cinema

27 and 30 June 2023 at 9.30 pm – 6 July 2023 at 9.30 pm


free admission

Free outdoor screenings during the summer:

– La famosa invasione degli orsi in Sicilia (2019, Lorenzo Mattotti)  – 27 June 2023
In an attempt to find his son and survive the winter, the Bear King leads his people from the mountains to the plains, where human beings live. After defeating the evil Grand Duke and finding his son Tonio, however, he realises that bears are not meant to live in the land of human beings.

– Le sorelle Macaluso (2020, Emma Dante) – 30 June 2023
The childhood, adulthood and old age of five sisters Maria, Pinuccia, Lia, Katia and Antonella Macaluso born and raised in a flat on the top floor of a building in the suburbs of Palermo, where they live without parents. The story of five women, of a family, of those who leave, those who stay and those who resist. Theirs are precarious lives, yet full of dreams and aspirations. The sudden death of one of them changes the balance of relationships. Living together and sharing the house contributes greatly to the development of their personalities.

L’uomo delle stelle (1995, Giuseppe Tornatore) – 6 July 2023
Joe Morelli, a resourceful young man with an adventurous past, harangues the inhabitants of the Sicilian villages through his megaphone. We’re in 1953, Joe is a talent scout – he promises those who pass his meticulous screen-test a brilliant acting career in Cinecitta…