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Passi e memorie_ Costas Varotsos a Gibellina

The work “Spiral”, 1991-98 by Costas Varotsos at the Fondazione Orestiadi, Gibellina, Sicily


On the anniversary of the Belìce earthquake


From 15 January 2023

After the exhibition at the Segesta Archaeological Park, the installation “Spirale”, 1991-98 by artist Costas Varotsos moves to the Orestiadi Foundation in Gibellina.

The work:

Costas Varotsos, Spiral, 1991-98
iron and glass
1000 x 180 cm

“Spiral” is a baroque curl which, in the purity and dialogue of its materials (the iron framework and the glass core) and in its transparency, finds an energetic force of great impact, the synthesis of a reflection on the human condition and its ancestral relationship with the Universe.