Fondazione Merz

Punte Brillanti di Lance

Punte Brillanti di Lance is a multi-year programme of exhibitions, events and concerts, carried out in collaboration with the major cultural institutions of Palermo and Sicily.

The project investigates the territory and its communities, confronts the many cultures that have inhabited and currently inhabit the island and its capital and that have left important traces in the history of the Mediterranean and of mankind.

The initiatives include collaboration with the Museo Archeologico Salinas and the Sciaranuova Festival.

This in addition to the collaboration with the Festival delle Letterature Migranti, through the support or curatorship of the section dedicated to international exhibitions. The literary festival meets the shared sense of the Fondazione for the migrating nature of cultures and for the multiple aspect of the narratives that make Mediterranean culture so rich, vital and welcoming. The Fondazione also participates in Panormos International Weeks through meetings with artists linked in some way to the field of storytelling or with authors involved in various ways with the world of contemporary creativity. The international gaze is particularly responsive to the situation on the southern shores of the Mediterranean.