Fondazione Merz

Simon Starling. The Inaccessible Poem

28 October 2011 – 15 January 2012


exhibition project by Simon Starling


featuring works by Faivovich & Goldberg, Sture Johannesson, Mario Merz, James Nasmyth & James Carpenter and Simon Starling


curated by Maria Centonze

For the first time in Italy, the artist has personally designed the project of an exhibition that combines some of his recent works with works by Mario Merz, Sture Johannesson, James Nasmyth & James Carpenter, and Faivovich & Goldberg.

Looking through different generations of art production and scientific activity, the English artist explores the connections between art and science over the centuries. As curator Maria Centonze suggests “All investigations into Simon Starling’s multiple fields of interest converge into a hybrid space that is distinctive of his work. A space that absorbs from science and feeds on technology but also attempts to redefine the boundaries of things and thought, to the point of generating microcosms of ideas that are to be connected or placed in contrast with one another. The entire exhibition unfolds as if the works, by narrating different stories actually revealed one constant feature: the establishing of illusory distances—the altering of time and space through empirical means that convey visions of a possible and just as truthful reality”.

Starling offers a critique of technology, dismantling its very rules to ultimately deliver a transposition that has a rather poetic feel to it. In this perspective he highlights many points of contact with the work of the other artists showcased in the exhibition, and in particular with Mario Merz, with whom he shares that constant desire to act as a nomad.