Fondazione Merz


Une nuit andalouse (An Andalusian Night)

an event aiming to merge experimental electronic music, avant-garde cinema and some considerations regarding public domain and accessibility in art and culture.


venerdì 14 July 2023 from 7.30 pm. to midnight


free admission


7:30pm – 9pm
Everyone’s culture: public domain, copyright and cultural accessibility – round table curated by Border Radio

7:30pm – 12:00am
DJ set and a selection of avant-garde short films.

Today’s DJs and music producers from the experimental electronic scene will meet yesterday’s experimental cinema: an unprecedented collective sonorisation of historical avant-garde works


Neeca: soon after his debut in music with drum machines during free parties in his neighbourhood, upon arriving in Turin he was struck by the local DJs’ mixing techniques, in particular after his encounter with Rythme events. With his eclectic musical choice, he mixes rominimal/microhouse sounds with break and house tones, generating unexpected sets. He’s always experienced music as a medium for sharing and collaboration, a vision that recently brought him to start the musical collective Seràn Maldives.

Enea Pascal: one of the founders of dj collective Ivreatronic, he is a DJ/music producer known for mixing different sounds and tones, jumping between tracks built on raw drum sounds, acid bass and unpredictable vocals. During his live performances he alternates between genres, creating a surprising and immersive experience. On the 27th of April 2020 he published his first single “Good Travaj” for Ivreatronic, and almost exactly two years later he released his last single “Amis” in April 2023. He is currently working on his first album.

VIBRISSE: it’s a duo project based in Turin that works with frantic and unpredictable track selections, striving towards the elimination of all kinds of divisions among musical genres, individuals and emotions. They focus on high bpm hardcore and the parallel incorporation of sounds from the contemporary digital club scene. On the dance floor, the duo creates euphoric experiences where a variety of pieces collected from the entire hardcore spectrum (uptempo, frenchcore, j-core, gabber, makina) come together with unexpected hits from other styles just as lively (slowstyle, EDM, 160s club, donk). Their tracks were published through labels such as Safe Cloud Records (FR), Country Music (SE), Burenhinder (BE), Club Late Music (FR) and Nightcore4TotalSluts (UK), while their uncompromised mixes have been featured on Childsplay (UK), Wixapolonia (PL), Gabber Industries Berlin (DE), Ashida Park (AU), Soul Feeder (ITA/DE), Unizone (CZ), The Donkline (UK), Art Dream Foundation (UK/CH), and many more.