Fondazione Merz


Detour_Elena Mazzi, artist’s book presentation 

28 June 2023 at 5pm – free admission


a project by Education Department

Elena Mazzi presents Detour (2023), a limited edition artist’s book that is the result of an exploration of the Cenisia/San Paolo neighborhood, of which Piazzale Chiribiri is a part. The exploration took place through four walks in which different active communities in the area were involved by the artist.

The book is presented as a collection of thoughts, images, drawings, notes, documents and ideas collectively processed by the people who participated in the events. Detour (2023) thus serves as a binder of active and ongoing proposals, not only dedicated to the people who live the territory, but also to those who are in charge of redefining its urban identity.

Detour (2023) was realized thanks to the active participation of: ANPI, Libreria Belgravia, Associazione Comala, Migrantour, Paradero nomis, Monginevro Cultura and Paola Sifletto, participants in the walks, and Friends make books


The activity is part of the “Le cose che abbiamo in comune” project (The things we have in common), coordinated by Associazione Comala and financed by the City of Turin